Welcome to the Med Spa of Ormond Beach, where luxury meets science in the quest for impeccable skin. Our location is more than just a spa; it’s a sanctuary designed to uplift both your spirit and appearance. Nestled in the beautiful community of Ormond Beach, we are here to offer transformative skin treatments, especially our Signature Facial.

What Makes the Signature Facial So Special?

What truly separates our Signature Facial from the rest is the meticulous attention to detail and customization. We recognize that everyone’s skin is different, and our expert estheticians choose skincare products specifically tailored to your unique skin type. But that’s just the beginning. The 50-minute session is designed not just to rejuvenate your skin, but also to pamper your senses.

The Steps of the Signature Facial: 50 Minutes of Pure Bliss

Double Cleanse

The Signature Facial kicks off with a thorough double cleanse to remove impurities, grime, and makeup residue, preparing your skin for the rejuvenating process.

Steam with Enzyme Mask

The double cleanse is followed by a luxurious steam treatment, accompanied by an enzyme mask to gently exfoliate your skin.


The esthetician then moves on to extractions, skillfully removing blackheads and unclogging pores, ensuring a smooth and refined skin texture.

Facial Massage & Mask

A relaxing facial massage and a tailored face mask follow, enriching your skin with essential nutrients and promoting blood circulation.

Hand/Arm Massage and Neck/Shoulder Massage

But we don’t stop at your face. Enjoy a soothing hand and arm massage, along with a neck and shoulder massage to make the experience truly heavenly.

Finishing Touches with iS Clinical Serums, Hydrators, and Sunscreen

To conclude, we apply a layer of top-grade iS Clinical serums, hydrators, and sunscreen, leaving your skin glowing, hydrated, and protected.

Serving the Community of Ormond Beach

Med Spa of Ormond Beach is proud to be a part of the Ormond Beach community. Our tranquil spa is easily accessible and we offer a variety of services to rejuvenate both body and mind. The Signature Facial, however, remains the crown jewel of our service list.


Now that you know what makes our Signature Facial the epitome of skin rejuvenation and pampering, it’s time to experience it yourself. Book an appointment today and step into a sanctuary of tranquility and beauty, right here in Ormond Beach. Your skin will thank you.